Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting

Buffalo Niagara International Airport Fire Department

About Us

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport Rescue and Firefighting Team proudly serves the traveling public, devoted to the health and safety of those in and around the Buffalo Airport.

Formed in 1981, ARFF is an elite firefighting unit capable of responding to all types of aviation related incidents, in addition to structural fires and medical emergencies.

We average more than 650 calls a year. In between, we train daily in various aspects of firefighting. We also conduct periodic tabletop exercises and drills at the airfield, sometimes with other first responders from the area, to ensure we can all work together.

ARFF is a tradition for the caring and the committed and we are looking for individuals who can carry it on.

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Admissions letters for our August 28th exam have been sent by postal mail on August 13th. If you have not received your exam admission letter, please contact Human Resources at (716) 855-6500.

Exam administration date is August 28th.

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